1993 Gary Garavaglia Cello

'Gary' the Cello

This 1993 Garavaglia Cello, affectionately named 'Gary' after its maker, has been a wonderful musical companion throughout my musical education and early professional life. Made in the William Harris Lee & Company workshop in Chicago, the cello has had two owners a professional cellist in the Phoenix Symphony, who won their job playing this cello, and me. 

'Gary' has a rich, complex tone with excellent projection. Having tried it against dozens of cellos around the country, experts agree that it is comparable or preferable to many cellos exceeding its price range. Gary Garavaglia is a well-known, respected luthier whose instruments consistently appreciate in value. 

The cello is set up with a Lee Kupersmith Belgian bridge and sound post, a New Harmony carbon fiber endpin with a non-slip carbide tip, a Bois d'Harmonie tailpiece, mechanical tuning pegs, and a new set of Larson strings.

Below please find recordings, photos, a December 2022 professional appraisal, and a contact form for getting in touch if you are interested in the instrument. Also, feel free to reach me directly at 

 'Gary' currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. 

An in-person trial of the cello in Colorado is immediately possible. Depending on the circumstances, shipment of the cello throughout the USA for a trial is also an option.   

Recordings of 'Gary'

In a string quartet

With piano, and other chamber music ensembles

Solo cello

As orchestral soloist (low-quality audio, but provides an idea of projection over an orchestra)

Photos of 'Gary'

Garavaglia Cello

Appraisal of 'Gary'

Garavaglia Appraisal.pdf